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‘We are very much enjoying the garden. It is filling out well and the terrace is a great success.’

Mrs Vivienne Harris of Woking

‘Many thanks for all the hard work by your team. We are very pleased with how the patio looks and would like to compliment your team on their quick and tidy work.’

Harry Downs of East Harting

‘This Dutch landscape gardener understands how to work with the usual budget issues, ie the dog-eaten ends of the build budget.

Jeroen van Raalte plans many gardens in stages, designing the big picture and prioritizing the projects over time. ‘I hope to have reasonable results with what money is left and then go back in a couple of years and set about doing what was discussed in the first place.’ Most of his work is on post-build sites and the ruined landscapes that usually ensue: ‘I do what I am asked to do but try to utilize what people have rather than flatten and start again’.

Leaning towards modern gardens with straight lines and rows, van Raalte creates definition with large planted groups, aiming for tranquillity as the end result. Refreshingly, he does not take up the current trend to diss decking, and thinks his love of water ‘might have something to do with coming from Holland’. Has a liking for wild flower meadows where he can mix formal and informal, dislikes colour schemes on garden walls, which he feels don’t work with the light in the UK.

Cedar Landscapes has a full-time crew of nine, offering both design and maintenance with a strong reputation for great contractors –electricians, plumbers, irrigation etc.’

Journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor in her authorative guide to UK Home services entitled ‘Home UK’ and published by Conran Octopus

‘I use only him. Brilliant, has lots of resources. His crew enables him to spruce up a garden in two days, if needs be.’

Simon Brown, Architect

We are happy to arrange site visits to show the quality of our work and to help with the selection of materials.

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