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Winter 2018

Now is the best time to get your garden in good shape for the new growth to come.



Treat mossy lawns as the moss grows before the grass and can smother the grass! Scarifying helps to keep moss at bay. Fertilise to promote new growth.

Herbaceous plants

Lifting, splitting and replanting herbaceous plants – this way you can spread your plants around to different parts of your garden, give them more room to grow and help to fill empty flower beds.

Flower beds

Now is a good time to be adding a general purpose fertiliser and then forking in either compost mulch or manure into the soil. This encourages strong root growth & helps with drainage in the spring.

Vegetable gardens

Dig over your vegetable gardens & add manure/compost.


Take time to re-develop those neglected corners in your garden, re-define borders and lawn areas.


  • Re-work dead corners by adding focal points or adding a structural backdrop to borders in the form of trees or shrubs.

  • Put up new fencing and garden structures or repair any that needs it. Re-stain or paint fences, sheds and pergolas 

  • Tidy up any trees that need re-shaping. Prune fruit trees, wisterias, climbing roses and remove any stray branches overhanging borders and lawns.

  • Sort out the compost areas, using what compost you have left to spread around the garden. Make any reparations needed to the compost bin enclosure to make it ready for use again in the spring.

  • Jet wash & clean patios, tennis courts (alleviating slippery surfaces) and garden furniture, repairing where needed.

  • Sort out any land drainage issues and/or irrigation.
  • Clearing drains & gutters (repairing if necessary).
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