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Autumn 2017

Jobs to do now;

At this time of year our gardens start to look a little tired and benefit from a general tidy up. It’s also a good time to plan a little for winter and spring colour.

A general tidy-up

  • Leaves clearance & garden and border tidy up including clearing away the last of the summer bedding and deadheading perennials.

  • Lifting, splitting and replanting herbaceous plants – this way you can spread your plants around to different parts of your garden, give them more room to grow and help fill empty flower beds, saving on buying new ones in the summer

  • Trim back overgrown climbers such as ivies, Virginia creeper and honeysuckle

  • Tidy up your ponds, cover with netting to catch leaves, dividing plants and cutting back.

  • Final hedge cutting

Lawn care

  • Aerating all the lawns, this is important to get oxygen down into the root of the grass and helps with new growth in the spring.

  • Apply autumn lawn feed (fertiliser) to repair bare patches, helping to keep the lawn looking green and encourage strong root growth ready for next year.

Planning ahead for winter interest & spring colour

  • Order & plant your spring bulbs such as daffodils, crocus & iris – we can make recommendations, supply and plant bulbs at reasonable cost.

  • Plant-up window boxes, hanging baskets and pots for winter and spring colour. Re-pot any large shrubs/trees that might have filled their containers with roots.

  • It’s also a good time to plant new hardy perennials, root ball and bare root trees, climbers and shrubs whilst the soil is moist and warm, which means the plant roots have time to become established before winter sets in.

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